9 of the Most Unique Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

Revealing your baby’s gender in style with a family party is a popular trend, so why not get inspired by these nine unique ideas.

After baby showers became such a popular event within the last decade, gender reveal parties have now followed to become a new worldwide hit. The reveal of a baby’s gender is a huge moment in any parent’s life as it gives the first real taste of what you can expect when the big day arrives. When you know the gender, you can begin decorating their room in appropriate style and buying clothes that match them. Of course, it also means you and your partner can begin the tough challenge of settling on a name!

A gender reveal is traditionally a quiet and private occasion during an ultrasound scan where parents can choose to know the gender or wait until the day the baby is born. However, in modern times, it’s becoming more popular for people to reveal the baby’s gender during a big party. A gender reveal party will leave a more memorable picture in the mind and allow you to celebrate the moment with your family and friends.

While baby showers are usually smaller events attended by women, gender reveals are often on a bigger scale and not limited to gender preferences. How you choose to celebrate the reveal is up to you, but for most people, it involves gathering loved ones in your house or a function room where you can mingle, enjoy food and drink, and play party games before the big reveal.

Of course, the gender reveal is the biggest part of the day and the activity that people will most remember. From popped balloons to confetti poppers and coloured cakes, there are several great ideas that you can use for the big announcement. Here are some of the most unique ways that you can reveal your baby’s gender…


Balloons are perhaps the most popular way to announce the baby’s gender. You and your partner can pop the balloon at the same time and whatever colour falls out will symbolise whether your baby is a girl or a boy. Remember to have someone record the big moment as it happens! For a bit more fun, you can have multiple balloons and have your guests take turns popping one. One balloon will be the gender while the others will have a neutral colour, keeping the suspense going.

Gift Boxes

Another idea you can choose is to let a trusted friend or family member know the gender beforehand and have them prepare a gift box for each guest. In the gift box, they can place a gift wrapped in blue or pink material. When it’s time for the announcement, have your guests open their boxes at the same time. This is a great way to involve all your guests in the reveal.

Smoke Cannons

For something a bit more lively and exciting, why not use a smoke cannon? The soon-to-be parents can have a cannon, or if there’s enough, your friends and family can too. When you’re ready to find out the gender, activate it and watch as the coloured smoke launches into the air. It’s much cleaner than other ideas!


Who doesn’t love a bit of cake?! You can order a cake that looks perfectly neutral on the outside but when sliced open, you will see blue or pink to represent your baby’s gender. Considering people will be expecting food at your reveal, this is a great way to announce the gender while ensuring people have their fair share of cake.


If you don’t mind a bit of paint everywhere, you can get a bit creative with your gender reveal. You can set up a few buckets of blue or pink paint and either launch it at a canvas or have it poured over you and your partner’s heads. You never know, it might be a good sign that you son or daughter will grow up to be an artist.

Confetti Poppers

The confetti popper is similar to the smoke cannon, except it leaves a bit more of a mess – but that’s the exciting part! You can pull the lever to pop the cannon and at the sound of the bang, the sky and your guests will be covered in the colour of your child’s gender.


No party is complete if there’s not the opportunity to whack a pinata around! You can fill the pinata with coloured sweets representing blue or pink. You and your guests can then go wild knocking it with a bat until it falls apart, revealing the gender. Everyone can leave with a handful of goodies to mark the occasion.

Exploding Balls

This baby gender reveal idea may be an excellent option for lovers of sports. Get a baseball or football filled with a coloured powder. When you’re ready to make the announcement, hit the ball as hard as possible and watch the scene explode into blue or pink.


As long as you have a bit of electricity, you cannot go wrong with lights! Have someone decorate your venue with blue or pink lights. If you’re ready for the reveal, gather everyone around and count down to the moment. Activate the switch and watch as your baby’s gender is revealed to the world.

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